Iration & Pepper at Mesa Amphitheatre

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Mesa Amphitheatre | Mesa, Arizona

Iration & Pepper

It’s a reggae rock overload and we’re totally here for it! Reggae sensations Iration and Pepper are joining heads to serve fanatics an exhilarating run of tunes across the U.S. Daytripping in Paradise as they call it will bring a tantalizing buffet of magnificent reggae titles from their vast catalog! If you’re ready to mosh along to mosh along to uber cool ska and regga rock numbers like the rest of us, this exceptional trek is making its way to Mesa, Arizona! Fans are in for an excellent rager as Iration and Pepper tears it up at the Mesa Amphitheater! Expect crowd-surf worthy titles, like Iration’s “Time Bomb,” “Summer Nights,” “Falling,” and Pepper’s staples like “Got Me on the Run,” “Stone Love,” “Warning,” and more! This showdown is surely one for the books and if you’re looking at putting some excitement into your season, this is definitely it! Hurry and secure passes now before you miss out!

When two of the most fire reggae rock powerhouses join together for a massive outing, you know you gotta be there to see it! It’s not something you’d overlook especially when you’re the type to go all out on a fantastic ska and reggae showdown like this one. Luckily, Daytrippin in Paradise serves a generous helping of dates – they’re hitting over 30 cities in fact. And one of them happens to be in Mesa, Arizona! Lucky you, both Iration and Pepper are slated to bring forth their plentiful catalogs, both having belted out some of the most beloved staples in the circuit.

The highlight for this season would be Iration’s brand new effort, Daytrippin. Released last year, the record gave birth to inspired numbers like “New Style,” “Holiday in Paradise,” “Last Nights,” and the sensational title track. Meanwhile, Pepper, who also came out with a new EP last year called Makai, will also be shelling out some new titles, “Get Me Ready” and “Stay High.” Fans will be thrilled to see some on stage collabs and this time, it's a guaranteed feat with Pepper releasing the astounding collab single with Iration titled, “Tides.”

If you’re a fan of reggae inspired rock tunes, Iration and Pepper are definitely in your radar. Both bands are beyond the fixture status – they’re basically titans of the genre. Having established their reputations and paying their dues since the early 2000s, both of these bright performers have grown into two of the most in demand acts. In fact, they are highly sought by the country’s top reggae festivals. Now, you don’t really need to wait all day in a fully packed festival to see both illustrious acts. This summer, you can enjoy these two titans back to back!

It’s the ultimate rager and it will surely bring some much deserved thrills to your season! Daytrippin in Paradise happens only for this summer! So better hurry because this tandem is not something you’ll come across with very often! Catch Iration and Pepper on Wednesday 21st August 2024 by clicking on the Get Tickets link! The site will allow you to easily select your preferred ticket tier for the show at the Mesa Amphitheater!

Iration & Pepper at Mesa Amphitheatre

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