Mesa Amphitheatre is dedicated to making a place full of fun, excitement, and laughs. This goal is kept with a set of rules and guidelines to keep the venue safe and comfy for all. Please take a moment to read and review these policies. Visitors found in violation may be expelled without refund. If you have any questions, you may call the venue at (480) 644-2560.

Accessibility Policy

The Mesa Amphitheatre strives to reasonably accommodate the special needs of the patrons who attend events at their facility.

If you have special needs and require a reasonable accommodation, please feel free to contact Mesa Amp directly at (480) 644-2560.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is only to be enjoyed by adults of age 21 or older. Underage drinking will not be allowed at the venue. All alcohol sales require an ID at the time of purchase.

Clear Bag Policy

The Mesa Amphitheatre has a clear bag policy. Bags and backpacks are not allowed within the venue except for the items listed on the approved clear bags list below.

Approved Clear Bags :

  • A clear plastic or vinyl PVC bag that does not exceed 12″ X 6″ X 12″ (such as a Ziploc or Hefty bag).

All bags will be inspected by security upon entry.

(Exceptions will be made for approved medical bags or equipment, which will be inspected by security prior to entering.)

COVID-19 Policy

Although face coverings are optional at City of Mesa facilities, Mesa Amp staff encourages visitors to continue to exercise precautions, including getting vaccinated, wearing masks if unvaccinated and staying at home when not feeling well. Additionally, staff will continue to maintain enhanced cleaning practices and provide hand sanitizer at all City of Mesa buildings. Masks are still mandatory for public transportation, per federal regulations.

The City of Mesa continues to monitor pending litigation and recent executive orders involving the ability of municipalities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Order 2021-09 precludes municipalities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination status to enter any building, including Mesa-owned and operated venues such as the Mesa Amphitheater and Mesa Arts Center. Mesa Amp staff is actively monitoring the course of the “pandemic” in Arizona as they strive to balance public safety and the services we provide to residents, businesses, employees and visitors.

Permitted Items

The following items are allowed at the venue.

  • One Sealed Bottle of Water per Person, up to 20 oz.
  • Clear Bags (Refer to Clear Bag Policy above)


Prohibited Items

The following items are not to be brought into the venue. Please leave them at home.

  • Outside Food or Beverage
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Substances
  • Seating, Blankets, Towels or Umbrellas
  • Weapons of Any Kind
  • Professional Cameras / Audio Recording Devices
  • Backpacks
  • Strollers
  • Bags or Purses That Are Not Clear
  • Animals
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate by management

Mesa Amp staff reserves the right to search bags before entry is allowed.

Re-Entry Policy

There is no re-entry allowed. Please do not enter until you have everything you need. Because once you leave, you will not be allowed back into the venue.

Ticket Policy

All attendees must have their own ticket. This includes children during all-ages shows and events.