Craft Concert at Mesa Amphitheatre

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Mesa Amphitheatre | Mesa, Arizona

Craft Concert

Come join the jam in a pinnacle of artistic expression! The inaugural CRAFT Concert is assembling some of the most astounding musicians from different parts of the country at the Mesa Amphitheatre on the 4th of November 2023. Soaked in the golden glow of a setting sun, watch as the stage lights focus on adrenaline-charged bands primed for a night of musical mania. You can almost feel electricity in the air as infectious beats, harrowing ballads, and alt rock anthems pierce through the atmosphere. Jump and dance and sing with fellow fans to this utopia of unadulterated song and symphony. Enhancing your concert experience, the open-air Mesa Amphitheater features pinpoint-accurate acoustics that will send every riff, beat, and lyric straight to your ears! Ride the tidal wave of sounds as the CRAFT Concert shakes the earth on Saturday, November 4, 2023 at the Mesa Amphitheatre, Arizona! Get your wallets ready because tickets are coming out SOON!

A stone toss away from Arizona's largest gathering of its finest artisans, the CRAFT Concert stampedes to the Mesa Amphitheatre on the 4th of November, 2023. It’s a Saturday evening special celebrating the artistic pursuit of music and melody!

The CRAFT Concert is the designated entertainment portion of the inauguration of CRAFT - Life of a Craftsman Arts & Craft Show. A friendly reminder: the concert requires attendees to buy a separate ticket from the CRAFT Expo. Don’t forget so you don’t miss out on the fun!

A united front of musicians from the local, regional, and national levels, you can expect a delightfully diverse ecosystem of sounds to explore. At the epicenter, prepare for a heart-pounding blast of alt rock performances from outrageously talented bands. Let the sheer intensity pass through you while the rest of the audience sings their throats raw for one more encore. But that’s not all! Expect a barrage of thrill and nostalgia with each fiery ballad and pop anthem that follows. The CRAFT Concert is a rebellion for us to express ourselves best in the art of music!

Details of the event (including band lineups and schedules) are still being ironed out. Don’t forget to check back with us SOON for more info!

Need a break from the high-octane heaven? Take a couple of bites and sips from a mouth-watering selection of local foods and beverages. Recharge for a while, then get back to the swing with a full tank and an appetite well sated!

If you feel a wee bit lost or a little too tipsy, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the concert staff. These friendly faces are dedicated to giving you the most unforgettable night possible!

Hosting the event, the award-winning Mesa Amphitheater offers a viewing experience like no other! It presents a spacious, tiered grass lawn, perfect for a wild crowd stomping in rhythmic energy. The venue also wields pure acoustic precision, ensuring that each musical performance reaches nothing less than its fullest form.

Save the date for a stupendous Saturday of song and serenade. The CRAFT Concert is happening LIVE at Arizona’s Mesa Amphitheater on November 4, 2023. Tickets will be out SOON!

Craft Concert at Mesa Amphitheatre

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